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Weekly Objectives for the Week of October 1st-5th


Can you believe it is October already?!  Time is flying by!  We accomplished quite a bit in the month of September.  This month we will be having 4 assemblies, participating in Wellness Week, visiting with the Mayor of Millville, and learning about fire safety from the Millville Fire Department.  This week we will be having […]

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This morning RM Bacon School students participated in a world wide attempt to break the world record for the most kids participating in physical activity for one minute.  Many other schools around the world also gathered at 10AM their time to get in a mini workout.  The Jam A Minute program was started last year […]

Connecting Through Literature


This week our reading strategy we are working with is making connections with the literature we are reading.    There are 3 ways to connect with literature.  The first way is Text to Self (T2S).   When we connect with literature this way, we are recognizing that this story is similar to something that has happened in […]

“Mocking” Hypotheses with Mock Rocks


Good afternoon from my 4th grade scientists!  Today we began our first science investigation.  We have been discussing the Earth’s layers and different types of rocks.  Our experiment will lead us on a quest to answer the question, what makes up rocks?   Our task today was to make our initial observations about our mock rocks […]

Weekly Objectives for the Week of September 24-29


Each week I will list out learning objectives we are working with.  I will also post links to websites or PowerPoint presentations that we use in class to help students continue their learning at home.  This is helpful to parents as well as it gives you a chance to “see” what we are doing and […]

Loopy for Looping (In a Good Way)


New school year, new blog format!  I will be using this blog as my primary form of communication with parents/guardians throughout this year.  Check in regularly to view what is coming up, how to best prepared for it, and how you can help out!  I am so lucky this year to be working with the […]

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