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Weekly Objectives 11/12-11/16


This week is going to be HUGE!  It is one of only 2 full weeks we have for learning in the month of November, so as you can imagine I’m packing it to the gills!  We will start off our week with World Run Day on Monday.  Remember to wear your sneakers and dress in layers so we can get our fitness on together and raise money for a great cause, the Big Brother/Big Sisters club of Cumberland County.  We will be partaking in our annual Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday.  Fourth graders are responsible for contributing boxes of instant mashed potatoes for our celebration.  I especially look forward to this activity and sharing Thanksgiving with “my kids.”  Finally remember that parent/teacher conferences start on Friday.  Students will have an early dismissal at 1:45 and conferences begin at 2:15.  I look forward to sharing your child’s progress with you during this time.

On our agenda this week:

Reading: This week we will be introducing our Literature Circle Roles.  Once all of the roles are learned, each night your child will read an assigned section and complete their assigned role.  The goal is that since everyone in each group is reading the same section, yet looking at it a slightly different way it will provide a lively and deep discussion about the material.  For the next 2 weeks, all students will be doing the same role sheet each night so that we can learn the responsibilities of each role together.  This week we are focusing on the following roles:

Summarizer- this role includes reading the section, writing a 1 paragraph summary of what happened answering the following questions- who, what, when, where, why, and how.  This person also lists any key pieces of information that are learned in the section.

Illustrator- this role includes reading the section and drawing a picture that best represents what happened in the section.  Illustrations are not judged on artistic ability but relevance to the content read.

Discussion Director- this role includes reading the section and formulating 5 questions about this section only to guide our discussion the next day in class.

Word Worm- this role includes reading the section and listing any new, powerful, or interesting words as well as defining them based on context clues.

Vocabulary: Students will define this weeks words and use them correctly in context.  This week’s words are words with multiple meanings.  Students are responsible for knowing all definitions for each word.

Grammar:We are beginning Unit 2 this week.  We will be focusing our efforts on identifying nouns, classifying them as proper or common, singular or plural, and identifying unique spelling changes for plural nouns.  For your reference see the information below to help your child at home:

Nouns- words that name a person, place, thing, or idea (ex. girl, teacher, house, school, dog, cat, cup, love, hope)

Proper nouns- name specific people, places, or things.  They begin with capital letters.  (ex. Mrs. Sinone, Millvile, White House, Statue of Liberty)

Common nouns- name common people, places, or things.  They are not capitalized unless they are the first word in the sentence.

Plural nouns- name more than one person, place, or thing (ex. bushes, cities, people)

Singular nouns- name one person, place, or thing (ex. student, fish, city)

Writing: This week we will be beginning working on persuasive/argumentative writing.  We will be focusing on choosing a side of an argument and writing to support our opinion with facts. 

Math:  Students will be working with multiplying with multiples (3×5, 3×50, 3×500), breaking apart factors to multiply(3×35= 3×30 +3×5), using mental math to multiply (3×19 is like 3×20 then subtracting 3), and using rounding to estimate multiplication ( 7×28 is estimated to 7×30)

Social Studies: Students will be working with geographical landforms and terms.

Science: Students will be able to determine between food chains and food webs.

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