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Our Wish For You and Yours


In this era of political correctness and equality, whatever you and your family  choose to celebrate do it filled with joy and love.  For me and my family that will be Christmas and the New Year.  May your season be filled with hope, joy, love, and kindness.  Spread it liberally amongst all you encounter!  Below […]

Find the Joy, Be the Joy, Live with Joy


Just as a warning, this post is not very academic in nature.  It is a way to help myself come to grips with what can not and most likely will never  be understood.  I am an educator, I am a parent, I am a human with opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.  You may not agree with me […]

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Sneaking in Learning While Visions of Sugar Plums Dance in Their Heads


We have not gone on vacation yet let me assure you!  While I will admit keeping their attention is getting tougher by the day, we are finding creative ways to sneak in academics and plan on working as long as we can.  This week we have been making our final preparations for our Holiday Concert, […]

Cooperative Learning for Successful Work Stations


Cooperative grouping is a wonderful way to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students. It allows stronger students the opportunity to apply their knowledge by helping others, it provides support for weaker students, and organizes and provides roles so everyone is involved at all times. In our class we work in small groups daily. Sometimes […]

An Absolutely Amazing Day


If you asked me how I thought today would turn out at 8:30 this morning, I probably would have told you not too well. It started off as one of those days that less than an hour in you wish you had stayed in bed. Let me give you a picture. I woke up late […]

Weekly Objectives 12/3-12/7


I can’t believe it’s December already!  This week is one that is fraught with disruptions.  Hopefully we will be able to navigate them and still complete the objectives I have set for the week.  I think we can do it! Every day we will be having chorus practice to prepare for our winter concert on […]

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