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All The World’s A Stage…..


…..and in room 11 we are but players!  Below are our final projects for 3 of the 4 plays our literature circles read this week.  Students, please view the play then log into edmodo and give yourself a grade using the rubric that is posted for the assignment.  Parents, please enjoy watching your children perform.  […]

EGGstra Special Weekly Objectives! Week of March 25-28


This week, while being a short one, will be jam packed with EGGciting EGGsperiments, drama, sports, mystery and more!  On Monday, my little thespians will be performing a scene from their guided reading stories from last week.  Each group was assigned a one act play to read to learn how to interpret text in a […]

Eggstra! Eggstra! Room 11 Needs your Eggsistance!


We will be holding an EGGsperimentally Awesome day next Thursday and could use some help!  We are in need of the following items: Raw eggs (at least 6 dozen or more) Vinegar (1 large bottle- think BJ’s size) Egg dye kits (1 or 2 would be plenty) Cotton Balls (1 bag) Baking Soda (1 box […]

Owl Pellet Day!


Nothing says Monday morning like digging through owl vomit!  Today is the day!  We are finally done virtually dissecting our owl pellets and ready to really dissect one.  We spent the first part of the morning learning how to take proper lab notes.  After expectations were set, we moved on to the dirty stuff!    […]

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Welcome Future Bloggers!


Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!  This session serves to answer the following burning questions for those on the brink of blogging: How do I start? Why should I bother? How involved is this going to be? What should I blog about? Is this going to cost me anything??????? The basic layout for our […]

Extra! Extra! Winning Sugarless Day Poster from Room 11!


Today we celebrated Sugarless Day to Prevent Tooth Decay.  Our 4th grade classes entered posters created in art class in February.  We were visited by members from the Cumberland Dental Association to learn about proper dental hygiene as well as how our nutritional choices play a role in our dental health.  We were all shocked […]

Just One of Those Days When You Need to Shake Things Up


So how do you end a day that began with a early morning staff meeting, surprise walkthroughs by the RAC (Regional Achievement Center), and disappointment over not even getting enough snow for a delayed opening- with The Bacon Shake, of course!  Enjoy!  

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We’ve Been Seussified!


Well good afternoon one and all!  Today we really had a ball!  Our friend from the Senior High, came on over to do more than say hi. Obi gave his brain a workout, reading Seuss books are enough to tire any snout! He came, he read, he was a great sport.  We give him a […]

App Spotlight- Splash Math, Nook, C.Collins Interactive Books


Back in November, I wrote a grant for my class to receive 5 iPad Minis.  It was approved and we were ridiculously happy when they were delivered!  We love technology in our classroom, but I am a stickler for ensuring that it is used as an educational toy and not an expensive hi-tech busy work […]

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