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Moving into May!


They say, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Well, on this dreary Monday morning I can only hope that these final damp days of April will help to produce beautiful buds by the end of the week!  While last week was very busy and activity packed, this week will be a week of preparation for the […]

Today I Felt I Mattered


Let’s be honest, shall we?  Teachers often perform a thankless job.  Don’t get me wrong a good teacher is beloved by his or her students for that year they are in the classroom, but often a year or two down the road referred to as Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so.  We as teachers understand this is […]

Oh What a Week We Are in For!


This week is jam packed with exciting activities!  We are starting off on Monday with Earth Day and Bubbles for Autism (see the pics below).  For Earth Day we created planet Earth mobiles with going green tips hanging from the.  We also watched some of the Plant Earth DVD series and The Lorax with the […]

Better Late Than Never! EGGsperiment Results


After a much needed technology break, I’m back!  Just before Spring Break, we participated in an EGGsperiment EGGstravaganza.  Students completed 5 experiments using eggs in many different forms.  For each experiment they were given the materials and procedure but had to create a hypothesis and then record observations in their lab report.  We had an […]

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