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To The Class of 2021


To the Class of 2021, You will forever be in my memories as my looped group.  When we first met in September of your third grade year, I knew you would be a group I’d never forget.  I was right, I will never forget you nor would I want to, but not for the reasons […]

Marshmallow Architects


On Friday we experienced what it is like to be an Architect. Prior to designing and building our own structures, we watched a YouTube video on what exactly an architect does. Check out the link below to watch the clip! “So You Want to Be an Architect” Once we learned that the first job of […]

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Tech Us Out!


Tonight was our annual Tech Showcase.  It is an evening dedicated to showing how 21st technology tools are integrated into our classrooms.  Teachers and students demonstrate and teach others, both adult and students, how to use tools and sites that we use in our rooms.  Four of my students volunteered their time and gave absolutely […]

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