Happy First Day of Fall! Weekly Learning Goals for 9/23-9/27

fallHappy Fall!  I love this time of year!  Cooler temperatures, back to routines, leaves changing colors, and of course a reason to buy new boots are some of the reasons this is one of my favorite times of the year!  We are continuting on our journey through 4th grade this week.  We will be hosting the Basic Skills Teachers on Tuesday as they conduct Sweeps testing.  This testing is one of the criteria we use to identify and create plans for students who may be struggling in either math or language arts.  We will also be wrapping up our 2nd math unit this week.  Please take a few minutes to take a peek at our learning goals for this week and the attached videos/presentations to help your child prepare for class.  You may also access any of the videos used on this site in the archives to the right.


Monday and Tuesday- Students will be using place value skills to order and compare numbers.  Lesson 3-4 and 3-5

Wednesday- Students will be using organized lists to help them keep track of information as they solve problems. Lesson 3-6

Thursday- Topic 3 Test

Friday- Students will be using mental math strategies to help them solve addition and subtraction problems.  Lesson 4-1 and 4-2

Lanugage Arts:

We will be working on putting the events of a story in the correct sequence this week.  In addition to that goal we will be working on writing our autobiographies (thanks for helping your child fill out the packet and returning it!).  As a way to make our writing better we will be working on adding figurative language .  Our goal is to include similies and metaphors to make our writing pop.


Back To School Night Info and Objectives for 9/16-9/20

Happy Saturday!  I am a day early with our objectives post because Mr. Sinone surpised me with Eagles tickets for tomorrow’s game!  How lucky is that!  So instead of posting after a long day of cheering on the birds, I am spending my Saturday afternoon planning for another AWESOME week. 

cell phone

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Back to School Night will be this Tuesday, September 17th.  Please come out and meet our critters, visit our classroom, and of course earn your child a FREE HOMEWORK PASS!

Our Learning Goals for this week:


Monday:  Review multiplication properties and multiplication and division fact families for Tuesday’s Test.  See last week’s lesson links if you’d like to review at home as well.

Tuesday:  Topic 1 Test

Wednesday:  Students will be reviewing place value into the hundred thousands.  Lesson 3-1

Thursday:  Students will be able to understand that each place value position is related to the others.  For example the tens place is ten times as many as the ones place.  Lesson 3-2

Friday:  Students will be able to compare numbers into the hundren thousands.  Lesson 3-3


Language Arts:

This week we will be working with determining the main idea and supporting details of a story.  We will also be working to determine the author’s purpose for writing.  The slide shows below will help you to review these skills at home with your child.


What We Are Learning This Week 9/9-9/13

We had an AMAZING first day on Friday and I am really looking forward to jumping into learning this week with your kids!  Every Sunday, I will post the  learning goals for the coming week as well as short videos for you to review with your child at home throughout the week to help with homework and support the learning going on in the classroom.  It is ok if you look at the videos before I teach them.  In fact, I WANT you to!  Looking at the videos before the lesson will give your child a chance to familiarize himself/herself with the ideas we will be learning and give them a sense of confidence and preparedness in class.  So, without further ado, here are our learning goals for this week!


Monday- Students will be able to understand that multiplication is repeated addition. Lesson 1-1

Tuesday- Students will be able to use what they know about multiplication to simplify problems. Lesson 1-3

Wednesday- Students will be able to use and draw models to help solve division problems.  Lesson 1-6

Thursday- Students will be able to use arrays (drawings) to help solve and organize multiplication and division families. Lesson 1-7

Friday- Students will use multiplication facts using 0 and 1 to help solve division problems with special quotients.  Lesson 1-8


Students will be able to determine and classify types of sentences based on purpose and punctuation.  There are 4 types of sentences we will be working with.  The presentation below will help you to review them with your child.



Students will be able to describe the setting, characters, events, and theme of a story.  Students will be able to describe the genre (type) of Realistic Fiction.  Students will be able to determine the point of view a story is being told from.

Below are two power point presentations you can review to help better understand our lessons in Reading this week.


I Want to Hear You ROAR This Year!

Each year I choose a theme song for our class to help guide us and motivate us on our educational journey.  This year for the Class of 2022 I have chosen Katy Perry’s new song “Roar.”  I chose this song for a couple of reasons.  It is extremely motivational!  Nothing will keep us down!  We can do anything!  No matter how small or insignificant we feel, we have the power to prove our ability and let others know we are here.  We can ROAR!  Ok, it also has a great beat and I can’t help but sing at the top of my lungs and dance every time I hear it!  So to my new 4th graders, the future Class of 2022, I ask- are you ready to ROAR this year?

R- Really work hard, try our best, ask questions, challenge ourselves

O- Our best effort will shine through each day!

A- Always learn!  Everyday!

R- Remember I am here for you!  Remember we are here for each other!