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Cooking 1621 Style- Our Experience Making Ship’s Biscuits


This morning we ventured back in time to make a historically accurate Thanksgiving food item- Ship’s Biscuits (also known as Hard Tack).  Ship’s Biscuits would have been served at most meals.  They were traditionally made so that they were rock hard (or as Rachel puts it they should have been called Brick Biscuits) so that […]

Our First Publication of Room 11 Times! Hot Off the Presses for Your Enjoyment!


My students have been hard at work on writing thier first news articles this month.  We have been reading non-fiction, writing non-fiction, and editing our writing.  As a culminating activity, we have developed, what I hope is the first of many editions, of our class newspaper, The Room 11 Times.  Please peruse the articles written by […]

Virtual Field Trip to the Plimoth Plantation to Attend the First Thanksgiving


This week we will be taking a trip way back in time to the first Thanksgiving. Ok, I did not develop a time machine (though that would be AMAZING and I would so take a year off to re-examine life choices and visit places I’ve read about ), rather we will be using the amazing […]

We are Thankful


Another great Thanksgiving Feast this year at RM Bacon Elementary School. Check out our video below to see how we spent our day. We learned how to sign thank you in class today. So as you watch the video what appears to be students blowing kisses is them actually thanking the many people in their […]

School Wide Thanksgiving Feast and Weekly Objectives 11/18-11/22


This week is perhaps one of my favorite each year here at RM Bacon Elementary School.  On Wednesday, our staff prepares and entire Thanksgiving dinner for every student to enjoy.  I love sitting down with “my kids” and sharing this meal.  We all sit as a class and are served by our student leaders and […]

Veteran’s Day November 11th


Next Monday we will will honor our veterans.  Veterans are men and women who have fought in wars and conflicts as part of our armed forces.  I am honored to remember the service of my grandfather and uncles on Veteran’s Day each year.  Please take a moment (or 4) to watch the video below to […]

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