2015-2016 3rd Grade School Supply List

It’s that time again!  School supply shopping!  As a parent, I realize that this can be both overwhelming and expensive.  I have tried to bargain shop for you and have put together the list below to help guide your search:

5 1-subject spiral notebooks (Staples has them for $0.25 each)

1 Index card box (Target has them for $1.14)

1 pack of index cards (Target has them for $0.64)

Glue sticks (Target had a pack of 6 for $0.99- this would allow for some at home for crafts some at school)

Pencils- any variety will do!  My kids prefer the mechanical ones that’s why they are in the picture below.  (Target had a box of 24 mechanical pencils for $1.99)

BLUE or BLACK pens- PLEASE be kind to my poor eyes and don’t get the crazy colored ones!

Hi Lighters- any color is fine

5 pocket folders

All of the items needed (except the folders- oops!) are in the picture below.  I was able to purchase everything for less than $10.00.  I’m sure that you may even be able to do better with coupons or by shopping around more, but this was a last minute trip with 3 kids!  I look forward to meeting all of my new students in September!