Election Day!


This (short) week we will be learning about the election process.  Students will be working in cooperative groups to research different types of leadership around the world as well as the voting process for different countries.  We will spend all morning Monday gathering information and creating a visual to share with the class during presentations on Tuesday.  Be prepared, your kids may be nagging you to go vote on Tuesday (part of my evil plan muhahahahahaha)!

Soap box moment- Please remember to take a few minutes out of your day on Tuesday and vote.  This year we are voting for school board and local elections only.  Voter turn out has been very low in recent years.  These elections are critical to our community as they directly impact our schools, communities, and state.  I take my kids with me each year so that they can see the process.  You are allowed to do this!  There are so many people who have fought so hard for ALL of us to have the RIGHT to VOTE!  It is only right that we honor their struggle by voting.

We have off on Thursday and Friday so that teachers around the state can attend the NJEA conference.  Since it is a shortened week, we will not be starting a new story.  We will also be wrapping up our Topic 4 in math with a test on Tuesday.


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