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Weekly Learning Goals and News Sept. 9-13


Welcome to the first full week of the 2019-2020 school year!  Last week was AMAZING!  I am one lucky teacher to have such a wonderful group of learners this year. We learned a lot about each other throughout the first week.  On Friday we combined classes with all of the other 5th grade homerooms and competed in our first STEM challenge.  Students were given a stack of newspaper and 3 feet of masking tape to create a structure that would support a basketball.  Of the 5 groups that were in my room, 4 were successful and the 5th group was SO close!  This week we will be jumping right in to our curriculum in all subject areas.  See below for a breakdown of our weekly learning goals and some helpful videos.

Elementary #2 will be hosting our annual Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 10th from 7-8 PM.  Please come on in see out classroom and admire my students work on their I Am poems and our collaborative effort to create a display for Patriot’s Day.


Reading Goals:  This week we will begin our first story in our text book, “A Package for Ms. Jewels.”  Our focus skill of the week will be identifying story elements such as characters, setting, and plot.  Please see the short video below to review each of these elements.


Math Goals:  This week we will be focusing on finding the area of rectangles.  See the video below to assist your child with their Home Link assignments.


Writing Goals:  We will be completing “Writing Boot Camp” this week reviewing types of writing, grammar rules, figurative language, and commonly mixed up words.  Students will complete 5 “Missions” throughout the week and put together a resource booklet that they will be able to use for the remainder of the year to improve their writing. See the video below to review the MANY different types of figurative language.



Social Studies:  We will be review geography skills this week and working to identify the 7 continents and 5 oceans.  We will also make sure that we all know where in the world we actually live!



We will be taking our first Reading test on Friday as well as a quiz in Social Studies that covers the continents and oceans.  If you have not already, please sign up for REMIND using the code below to get up to date reminders texted to you each week.

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