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A video was sent to me via email by our principal.  It was about a young boy, about the same age as my daughter and my students,  who had a dream to create an arcade solely from cardboard boxes doomed for the recycle bin, old bits and pieces of  tools and hardware, and old toys.  His father figured this was a way to keep him busy doing something creative instead of getting into trouble.  Little did they know their lives would be forever altered by this project.  Please take a peek at the video below and then read on to accept my challenge.


I challenge you to be present in your child’s life. To be their cheerleader. To inspire and be inspired by them. I challenge you to take a few extra minutes and create something- a story, a picture, a board game, the sky’s the limit! I challenge you to document your child’s life, take pictures, write down the silly stories to share with them when they are older, video their plays or songs. I challenge you to help or push them a little harder when necessary. I challenge you to let your child know that with effort and hard work they can create and be anything they want.

After watching this video, I was inspired not only by this little boy’s ingenuity and pride in his work, but also by his father’s dedication, encouragement, and love. I am accepting my challenge…..will you?

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