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Daily 5

What is the Daily 5?

The Daily 5 is a philosophy of teaching that allows for more hands on learning and practice and less time spent on direct instruction.  Yes, I said less time on direct instruction, but don’t mistake the deeper meaning.  There is less time on direct instruction because it is more focused.  The general layout of a Daily 5 lesson takes the following format:

Mini Lesson for vocabulary- 5 minutes

Center (Work with Words, Work on Writing, Read to Self, Read to Others, Listen to Reading) – 15 minutes

Mini Lesson for grammar- 5 minutes

Center- 15 minutes

Mini Lesson for Reading strategy- 5 minutes

Center- 15 minutes

Center- 15 minutes

Mini Lessson- check in- 5 minutes

This format allows students to have as much time as possible to put what we practice into play and forces the teacher to facilitate vs. lecture.  Also during this center time, I pull groups of students to conduct literature circles to ensure that comprehension skills are being used and good reading strategies are put into practice.

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