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We are delving into the flipped classroom trend this year.  I will be assigning tutorials for the students to watch at home or during homeroom time to help assess and determine how I can most effectively assist each student to achieve to their highest potential.  With each assignment there is a short quiz that will help me to see who needs immediate help, who is ready to move on to a more advanced topic, and who needs just a quick refresher and then will be ready to work on their own.  Students who are ready to move ahead will spend time in class applying the skills rather then listening to a full lesson.  Students who need just a refresher will meet with me for a short mini lesson and then either move on or continue to work with me as I reteach the skills.  Any student who feels they need additional help, regardless of their score on the quiz, can always join the mini lesson or reteaching group at any time.  All students were given a log in this week.  I will be looking to start this as homework towards the middle of October as I am still creating tutorials!  Right now, we are using this in class to get used to logging in and navigating the site.


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