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Spring is in the Air!


This week we are wrapping up our first PARCC test for the year. To celebrate our students hard work we made paleo shamrock shakes. Why paleo? Well, we are a healthy schools school and are adhering to our mission to teach students about healthy food choices. This recipe results in a yummy, minty treat that […]

Marshmallow Architects


On Friday we experienced what it is like to be an Architect. Prior to designing and building our own structures, we watched a YouTube video on what exactly an architect does. Check out the link below to watch the clip! “So You Want to Be an Architect” Once we learned that the first job of […]

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An Absolutely Amazing Day


If you asked me how I thought today would turn out at 8:30 this morning, I probably would have told you not too well. It started off as one of those days that less than an hour in you wish you had stayed in bed. Let me give you a picture. I woke up late […]

Be an Explorer!


I came across this poster idea on Pinterest last night and fell in love with it immediately.  We need to encourage our students to become explorers.  What better way to learn, then to be aware of our environment, be curious about it, investigate it, and learn from it?  Just think of all of the FREE […]

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Weekly Learning Objectives for October 22-26


Happy Sunday!  After another not-quite-long-enough weekend it is back to the grindstone.  I hope you all were able to enjoy the weather and get outdoors with your families this weekend.  My family spent Saturday at soccer fields and visiting the new Amish Market in Bridgeton.  If you haven’t been out there, I highly recommend it.  […]

“Mocking” Hypotheses with Mock Rocks


Good afternoon from my 4th grade scientists!  Today we began our first science investigation.  We have been discussing the Earth’s layers and different types of rocks.  Our experiment will lead us on a quest to answer the question, what makes up rocks?   Our task today was to make our initial observations about our mock rocks […]

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