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School Wide Thanksgiving Feast and Weekly Objectives 11/18-11/22


This week is perhaps one of my favorite each year here at RM Bacon Elementary School.  On Wednesday, our staff prepares and entire Thanksgiving dinner for every student to enjoy.  I love sitting down with “my kids” and sharing this meal.  We all sit as a class and are served by our student leaders and staff members.  It is one of those times that I am truly humbled by the teamwork, donations, and volunteers that pull off this event each year.  While I am on the topic of Thanksgiving this is just a friendly reminder that your child should be recording something he or she is thankful for each evening in their gratitude journal. This paper is going to be collected on Wednesday, November 27th and counts as a Social Studies Project grade.   If you child has lost his or her paper, there are extras in the classroom.


Weekly learning goals and support videos:


We will be taking a math test on Monday to wrap up our unit on 2 digit multiplication.  This does not mean we are done with this  for the year, but that we will be moving on.

Tuesday through Friday we will be reviewing division.  Please review the link below to review the steps.

Division Review


This week we are working on reading non fiction.  We are also writing our first class newspaper articles.  Our first class newspaper will be published and sent home on the 27th. 

Here is a short video about how to generate a topic for an article:



In addition to writing articles we will be reading a non fiction passage about Smokejumpers.  Here are some tips for reading non fiction:




We will begin creating simple circuits this week.  A simple circuit transmits energy from a source to create light, heat, or sound.  Please click on the link below to review the necessary requirements to create a simple circuit.

Simple Circuits



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